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Art Liaisons.

1/21 Russell St Adelaide

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Business Details
Address: 1/21 Russell Street, Adelaide
Contact No: Jen Hill, 0419 031 754

Art Liaisons is a creativity and wellbeing agency that helps individuals and groups access and express their unique creativity to achieve personal, artistic, public or corporate goals. We use meditation, mindfulness and creativity techniques, on or off-site, to help people tune in to their inner creative nature and bring out their best.

Meditation is scientifically proven to boost health, happiness, wellbeing, immune function, enhance creativity and cognitive function, improve sleep, emotional intelligence and resilience, improve connectivity, and ability to work with others, reverse the ageing process, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Services offered by Art Liaisons:

  • Corporate meditation and mindfulness classes (on site) – tailored to workplace
  • Private meditation and mindfulness classes and groups – for all levels of meditators
  • Creativity Facilitation – Idea generation, problem solving and team building
  • Art Sales, Consultations and Commissions



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