South West Adelaide Precinct Group

Bar Riot.

57 Gilbert St Adelaide

Project Description

Business Details
Address: 57 Gilbert St Adelaide
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8330 6202

In a South Australian first, Bar Riot boasts a pair of unique wine receptacles, one of those being a custom-made wine font that dispenses 14 different wines, all made by Riot Wine Co.. The second marvel is an ancient stone wine vase, standing at an imposing two metres in height with the ability to hold 1000 litres. Bar Riot invites visitors to refill their glasses from the mammoth vase and neighbours to wander in and refill a flagon at leisure.

As well as great wines, Bar Riot doubles as an excellent spot for snacking on seasonal delights with an Iberian and Latin American flare. Executive Chef Trent Lymn (formerly of 2KW Bar & Restaurant) and Head Chef Cecilia Teigeiro are behind the tools and have designed the piquant menu with a concept to share.



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