Enjoy the SALA Festival in City South this August

The South Australian Living Artists Festival is upon us once again this August, and as always, there’s a huge number of exhibitions to check out happening all over the State.

Below is a rundown of all the SALA venues in the City South Precinct. We encourage you to support these venues and the artists displaying their work! Click on the title link for all the info on each event.

Adelaide Christadelphians – 105 Halifax St Adelaide
Create (Mixed Media) 24-28 Aug.

Bike SA – 53 Carrington St Adelaide
A Simple Ride (Multiple Mediums) by Mandi King, Eija Murch-Lemoinen, Jilian Packer. 7-26 Aug.

FELTspace – 12 Compton St Adelaide
Out of Sorting the Out of Sorts (Installation, Performance, Video) by Nat Penney. 2-19 Aug.
Traffic Jam (Installation Video) by Sophie Corso. 2-19 Aug.
Making Myself at Home (Performance, Video) by Kelly Reynolds. 2-19 Aug.

Fly Birdy Fly Studio – 218 Wright St Adelaide
The Nest of the Earth Walkers (Multiple Mediums) by Sunshine March, Nathan March, Andrew McDononough. 6-13 Aug.

Indigenu Gallery – 131 Sturt St Adelaide
Desert Jewels (Jewellery Painting) by Coral Hayes Panaka. 1-31 Aug.

Magdalene Bargain Centre – 46 Carrington St Adelaide
The Imaginarium Vortex (Craft, Mixed Media, Painting, Textile) by Mary Had a Little Art Group. 16-29 Aug.

MultiCultural Communities Council of SA – 113 Gilbert St Adelaide
Here and Now (Textiles) by Haneen Martin & Sorayya Martin. 8-25 Aug.

Paddy’s Lantern – 219 Gilbert St Adelaide
A Divine Corruption (Digital Photography) by Luke Phillips. 7-31 Aug.

West Terrace Cemetery – 161 West Tce Adelaide
Remains in Light – Impressions of West Tce Cemetery (Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting) by Zoe White. 3-27 Aug