SALA 2018 in the City South Precinct

A bumper number of City South venues are involved in this year’s SALA Festival, and they are all listed below (in alphabetical venue order), along with links for more information. Support your local and experience some fantastic art this August!

Adelaide Health Care – 43 Carrington St Adelaide
Fashion Ink, 1-31 August. Artist – John LE (Drawing)

Adelaide South West Community Centre, 171 Sturt St Adelaide
SA Mammals Lost From the Parklands, 3 Aug-4 Sep. Artist – Kathleen Patitsas (Mixed Media)

Cafe Outside the Square – 34 Whitmore Sq, Adelaide
Pay It Forward, Outside the Square, 4-31 Aug. Artists РVarious Artists (Mixed Media)

Emma Hack Gallery/Art Bar, 52 Sturt St Adelaide
Collage New Works, 2-26 Aug. Artist – Emma Hack (Painting/Photography)

Erb’n’Flo Coffee Bar – 153 Sturt St, Adelaide
Chasing Dancing Colours, 1-31 Aug. Artist – Charlie Albright (Painting)

Feltspace – 12 Compton St, Adelaide
Ritual Silences, 1-19 Aug. Artist – Kate O’Boyle (Multimedia, Sculpture)
I Acknowledge, 1-18 Aug. Artist – eDuard Helmbold (Sculpture)
Deep Mode,Bone Deep, 1-18 Aug. Artist – Danny Vines (Video)

Fly Bird Fly Studio – 218 Wright St, Adelaide.
The Drift of the Cloud Gazers, 4-12 Aug. Artist – Various Artists (Ceramics,Painting, Installation)

Indigenu – 131 Sturt St, Adelaide
Family Matters, 3-31 Aug. Artist – Various Artists (Painting)

Mache – 178 Wright St, Adelaide
Small Worlds, 3-31 Aug. Artist – Collage Adelaide Artists (Multiple Mediums)

Minor Works Buidling – 22 Stamford Ct, Adelaide
Mixed Bag, 24 Aug. Artist – Various Artists (Installation, Mixed Media)

Prohibition – 22 Gilbert St, Adelaide
Colour Ascension, 2-30 Aug. Artist – Katie Spry (Mixed Media)

Pulteney Grammar School – 190 South Tce, Adelaide
Aboriginal Collective Works, 1-8 Aug. Artist – Various Artists (Painting)
Imagining Futures, 3-17 Aug. Artist – Various Artists (Multiple Mediums)
Mentor Mentored, 1-31 Aug. Artist – Various Artists (Multiple Mediums)

Sibling – 96 Gilles St, Adelaide
Locus, 1-31 Aug. Artist – Victoria Paterson.

The Duke of Brunswick – 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide
Open Your Eyes & Look Up, 1-31 Aug. Artists – Patrick Cassar, Ahsan Qureshi (Painting, Photography)

The Gilbert Street Hotel – 88 Gilbert St, Adelaide.
South Australian Living Homeless, 21-31 Aug. Artist – Andrew Slattery (Painting)
Beer Can Collective, 1-31 Aug. Artist РVarious Artists  (Drawing, Painting)