Art-Sea Project

On Sunday 22 June 2014, City South Association hosted the Art-Sea Field Day from noon till 5 pm in Field Street, Adelaide city.

Field Street is a popular thoroughfare linking Chinatown and the south-west precinct.  It is home to Angelakis fish processing operations, oyster sales, an Asian grocery, cafes and restaurants, accountants, architects, a travel agent, consultants and lawyers.

The Art-Sea Field Day built on the successful “Sunday Field Days” (Splash events) held last summer and involves a mural being painted on the street surface by a number of local artists. Adelaide City Council supported the event and contributed Public Art funding.

Everyone was invited to try stencil or chalk art and watch artists Chad Spencer, David Brimer, Donovan Christie, Fletch, Fredsticks, Joshua Smith, OGS, Ryan P, SG1 and Stitchfase transform the road surface with their designs. Below is a link to an article about Fletch, who coordinated the all artists for the event.

Now as you stroll under the Chinese arch of Moonta Street, you see a blue sweep of colour and a painted row boat leading down Field Street. Cross Gouger Street and walk along Field street to find schools of fish, a captain, giant squid, mermaid, marlin, submarine, lobster, prehistoric croc, turtle and water flow right down the road to Wright Court.

Time-lapse photography by Mark Zed from Aspect Photographics recorded the event. A Youtube clip can be found below…

Below are brief profiles of the Artists who participated…

Donovan Christie: A young established visual artist specialising in urban landscapes and streetscapes. See for more info and Donovan’s contact details.

Joshua Smith: Local stencil artist Joshua Smith’s work can be found on the streets of Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto. His work has also featured in over 140 exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally. Joshua is the Director of Espionage Gallery, which has recently moved to a pop up format. See