Networking Dinner – Supporting Evening Trade –

Let’s ENLIVEN our city patch during the EVENING!!

Wednesday 26th June, 5:45-8:00pm
Panacea Courtyard (72 Halifax St)

This upcoming session supports a growth of appropriate local business/activities in the “after 5” period, aiming to enhance our local area for residents, workers and businesses alike.

Come along and gain ideas and support, have fun, enjoy a great local meal and meet like-minded people.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood
With a mix of networking and guest speakers, you’ll hear from the Lord Mayor, share evening experiences with Etica ethical pizzeria, boost your online presence with Chloe from Yelp and get some nitty gritty business info from Enterprise Adelaide.

ABOUT THE EVENING ECONOMY CONCEPT…The key word here is ‘appropriate’. The southern part of the city is more resident-based, so appropriate activities that enhance the area could include small wine bars, evening dance classes, quality restaurants, things that aren’t going to create huge levels of noise or disturbance.
There’s also scope for businesses that don’t traditionally open late, say law firms or accountants, staying open a bit longer to service workers after they knock off or residents as they come home from work.
It’s about thinking outside traditional boundaries and looking for ways to benefit both businesses and users.
This dinner is aimed at businesses who are interested in this concept (whether they are looking to start opening later, or do a better job of it), as well as local residents and workers to promote the idea of “linger-longer” i.e. staying out and about and enjoying what’s on offer before heading home.
Obviously these two groups are linked. The more that’s on offer the more people will linger; and the more people lingering the more businesses will find opening viable.
We’re aiming to add some momentum to movement in this direction for both groups!

Wednesday 26th June, 5:45-8:00pm
Panacea Courtyard (72 Halifax St)

Open to local businesses, workers, residents and visitors in the southern half of Adelaide.

$5 members, $15 non-members for… delish tapas, desert & drinks & association membership (AMAZING VALUE!!!)


Contact: Kate Treloar
Coordinator, City South Association
mobile 0402 344 690
[email protected]